Bedding foam cut to size

Do you have a unique sized bed? Or maybe you’re hoping for greater support from your mattress? Did you know that here at Belfield Foam, we offer bedding foam, cut to size, ideal to tackle those bugbears?

Whether you’re hoping to update your bedroom, or hope for a better night sleep, our cut to size foam solution is readily available. Start the process today by sending over your accurate measurements, helping our team manufacture your personal bedding foam. 

Check out our ‘How to measure’ tab for guidance on measuring your bed size accurately.


Why select bedding foam, cut to size?

Are you spending your time searching high and low for the perfect mattress? Mattresses come in all shapes, sizes and textures, so searching for the ideal one can be overwhelming. They can also become pricey, especially if you’re looking for a top of the range mattress for support and comfort.

Here’s where our cost-effective, sought-after bedding foam comes into the mix. We can manufacture the ideal bedding foam mattress to fit your needs. From its shape and size to its density and comfort level, you’ll be provided with the ideal solution.

Select our cut to size foam blocks to ensure that your mattress fits your bed frame, offering stability and weight distribution. You’ll even receive a 1-year manufacturer guarantee to ensure you’re continuously happy with your bed.


Why purchase from Belfield Foam?


Here at Belfield Foam, we are specialists. We’ve been in the industry for years, understanding the demand for internal foam solutions. From bringing an old piece of furniture to life through new upholstery to bedding foam, providing true comfort, we offer high-quality solutions.


Specialising in the tourism and leisure sectors, we further understand how little details, such as the structure and density of furniture can change experience. With this in mind, we get to know you as a customer, understanding exactly what you want from your cut to size foam.


Whether you’re a domestic customer, hoping for bedding foam for personal use, or whether you’re a commercial customer with a number of different foam requirements, we can help.


Transform your furniture and receive longevity by selecting our foam service.


Features to design for your bedding foam


When taking your needs into consideration, there will be a number of features to design. Here are the decisions you will need to make:


  • The size and shape

We can create foam blocks to fit your ideal size and shape. Whether you have an unusually shaped bed or are attempting to fit an extra bed into a room, requiring unique dimensions, we can help. All we will need is the accurate measurements of your bedding.


  • The texture

Selecting the texture of your bedding foam is a personal preference; it’s about what you see as comfortable. We offer soft, sink in foam, straight through to high-density and supportive foam blocks.


  • Durability

In tandem with texture, the durability of bedding foam varies. This will usually be down to a different range of use. For commercial purposes, we highly recommend high-density bedding foam cut to size.


Get in touch with our team today to order your own personalised bedding foam, cut to size, carrying many benefits.