Cheap foam cut to size

Transforming upholstery can sometimes carry many expensive processes or materials. Yet, here at Belfield foam, we appreciate favourable cost-effective solutions many customers will prefer.

If you’re hoping to refresh your furniture or upholstery, we have a range of cheap foam solutions, cut to size – offering value for money, while providing a convenient transformation experience. Please be reassured that high-quality, durable materials are used when selecting any of our foam solutions.

Contact our team today to arrange cheap foam, cut to size, available to meet your needs.

Why select our cut to size foam here at Belfield foam


Many companies out there will offer foam solutions to aid DIY projects. Yet, we have a wide range of selling points, making our cut to size foam a desirable selection. Here’s why to select our cut to size foam:


  • Our foam solutions are a cost-effective way to transform the internal padding and structure of your furniture. Our cheap foam cut to size carry a desirable price point, yet still offer high-quality solutions.
  • Receive accurate, cut to size foam. Purchasing conventional foam can result in waste, or in some cases, a limited amount of supportive foam. Accurately measure yours while receiving true to measure blocks.
  • 1-year guarantee available on all purchases. We understand how damage can occur. With this in mind, a guarantee of manufacturing standards will be offered for 1-year post purchase.
  • Customise your foam blocks. Alongside offering cheap foam cut to size, we offer further customisable features, helping improve your experience. Select from the right size, shape, texture, durability and budget to meet your foam solution needs.
  • Foam blocks exceeding standards. Alongside the standard of our foam solutions, we also prioritise health and safety. Have the knowledge that your cut to size foam exceeds flammability standards.
  • Alternative features for commercial purposes. For commercial clients, alternative features are always favoured. Soundproof foam is a highly desired solution, helping to maintain quality levels.
  • Our specialised recommendations. To help you select the most appropriate cheap foam, cut to size, our specialised team can gauge your requirements greater, ensuring that suitable selections are made.
  • Ideal for both personal and commercial use. Whether you’re looking to transform your home sofa, or you’re hoping to build a comfortable yet durable seating solution, our foam solutions can help. Simply opt for a cut to size service, while sharing your needs with our team.



Order our cut to size, cheap foam


If you’re hoping to benefit from our cut to size service, helping you purchase cheap foam with convenience, reach out to our team. We can complete this arrangement over the phone. Alternatively, you can personally measure your own furniture, while using our online size calculator.

Whichever route you select, you’ll have the option to create a bespoke foam, while also receiving super-fast delivery services. Select yours by firstly following our measurement guide, helping you accurately purchase cut to size, cheap foam.

Experience high-quality, high-safety foam solutions to transform your upholstery.