Cushion Foam

Are you looking to add new cushions to your home? Or maybe you’re hoping to give your old cushions a revamp? One of the best ways you can improve the visible appeal of your accessories is through cushion foam.

Cushions will usually lose their shape once the internal padding is worn. This is highly common, especially if cushions have been used frequently, over a period of time. To avoid this dated, limp look, opting for new, high-quality cushion foam will be beneficial. This is especially a great route to follow if you love the design of your current cushions yet crave a fresh look to your accessories.

Here at Belfield foam, we offer a wide range of upholster foams, including a variety of thickness, firmness and appearances. We can even cater to budgets depending on whether you’re looking for an everyday cushion foam, or a luxury option for those special, annually used rooms. Contact our team for further information on our specialised upholster and cushion foam solutions.

Fire safe cushion foam

Whether cushions will be used in a domestic household or commercial property, fire safety standards must be followed. We advocate for health and safety, ensuring that our cushion foam is functional and luxurious, yet exceeds the flammability ratings. Have peace of mind that your internal padding is protected in the case of a fire.

Durable cushion foam

As mentioned above, cushions can lose their shape if used over a long period of time. The look they offer isn’t desirable. With this in mind, opting for a durable cushion foam will ensure that the shape of your cushions can be maintained. Although it is common that all shapes will slightly change over time, selecting a high-quality foam which meets our durability checks will be recommended.

Visibly appealing cushion foam

If you’re keen to revamp your home, opting for bespoke cushions may be your desire. This can be achieved by selecting your own shape and size cushion foam – offering visible appeal. Likewise, if you’re hoping to keep your current pillowcases, save money by selecting a cushion foam to fit your current cases.

Bespoke sizes and characteristics, created here at Belfield foam

If you’re unsure which type of cushion foam will offer the best results for you, we recommend speaking to our team. Depending on your budget, aesthetic desires and environment, cushion foams can very significantly. From simple dress cushions, to cushions featuring support, there are a range of foams you can select from to meet your needs.

Alternatively, you can create your own foam shape through our online size calculator – helping you create a unique padding for your cushions.

Here at Belfield foam, we are specialists in the industry, ensuring that both high standards and safety are prioritised. We will ensure that your personal needs are met while making sure your selected cushion foam is durable, can withstand your selected environment and can also maintain health and safety standards. Find out more about the range of cushion foam solutions we offer today.