Cut To Measure Foam

Are you hoping to transform an old piece of furniture? Or maybe you’re aiming for that perfect mattress, offering both comfort and stability? In this instance, you’re probably unsure where to start? Here at Belfield Foam, we offer cut to measure foam solutions, ideal for upholstery transformations.

If you’re hoping to bring a new lease of life to an old armchair, our internal foam blocks will offer structure and stability, to improve the exterior. If you’re searching for the perfect textured cushions, we can provide foam blocks to fit your measurements. If you’re attempting to fit a new bed into a small space, our solutions will provide this flexibility. This can all be achieved by selecting cut to measure foam.

Get in touch with our team today and share your upholstery needs. We are passionate about recycling old furniture while providing a new lease of life to accommodate to our customer’s needs.


What are the benefits of cut to measure foam?

The biggest benefit is in the name. We can physically cut our foam blocks to match your measurements. This is highly sought-after, providing convenience and accuracy. You’ll have the ability to improve the complete quality of your furniture by opting for the ideal amount of foam. Send over your dimensions to make the most of our cut to measure foam service.

The second benefit is the personalised decisions you can make when selecting our foam solution. You’ll have the opportunity to select your ideal texture, support requirements and density. We will recommend the most appropriate foam blocks for certain furniture. Yet, will always follow your final say and budget.

The final key benefit of this service is the ability to transform your upholstery through a cost-effective solution. Cut to measure foam will help to improve the internal structure of your furniture. You’ll increase the stability of your upholstery, while promoting durability. Yet, you’ll also have the potential to transform the exterior of your furniture. Our internal padding will fill your furniture out in the right places, offering a form-fitted look. Select cut to measure foam, a cost-effective option, avoiding those extra costs of purchasing brand-new items. You’ll also receive a 1-year guarantee to maintain your furniture’s quality.


Our services here at Belfield Foam

Here at Belfield Foam, we specialise in foam solutions. With experience across the leisure and tourism sectors, we’ve worked with large global retailers. We’ve also specialised in unique, personal projects, helping homeowners or caravan-goers transform their upholstery.

Our service includes cut to measure foam for a range of different items, including mattresses, sofas, seating solutions and soft furnishings; helping you update the internal feel of your upholstery – ultimately improving the external look.

Benefit from our ought-after service today by getting in touch with our team. Start the process by measuring your chosen piece of furniture. Send over your requirements and we will begin to manufacture your cut to measure foam blocks. Achieve the look and feel you’re aiming for with ease through foam solutions.