Cut to size foam

Have you been searching far and wide for appropriate foam, cut to the ideal size for your upholstery? As more and more individuals attempt to redesign their furniture, bespoke sizing is now a common service many customers are looking for. In fact, it’s known to offer convenience and guarantee – something we believe in throughout our services.

If you’re in the middle of either a domestic or commercial project, and you’re looking for cut to size foam, here at Belfield foam, we have a wide range on offer. Alongside our foam solutions, we promote a bespoke service through sizing and shaping selections. Simply input your foam requirements online or contact our team to get started.

Finding and selecting cut to size foam can be an easy process with our specialised knowledge and services.

Why select cut to size foam?

To the uneducated eye, any form of foam will be suitable for upholstery. Yet, there are many features you need to consider when purchasing, along with the size and scale of foam solutions. The best way you can ensure suitability is through cut to size foam services.

By purchasing foam blocks yourself, and attempting to cut to size at home, you may find that blocks will be unsuitable, along with a lot of waste. Foam blocks which are too small may not fill your upholstery; failing to achieve both comfort and visual standards. Yet, by cutting the foam too big, difficulties may be present when using it as padding.

Therefore, improve value for money, along with reaching your comfort, support and visual goals by selecting cut to size foam; available here at Belfield foam.  

Our alternative foam services here at Belfield foam

Alongside our cut to size foam solutions, we offer alternative services and selling points to ensure our foam can offer high-quality upholstery support.

To further personalise your foam options, bespoke shape selection can be made. This is a highly used service, catering to the everchanging demands of our customers. Having the right foam shape is very important, helping to maximise upholstery padding.

Alongside the dimensions and shape of foam, we ensure that high standards are met throughout, even if conventional options are selected. Not only this, we continuously follow health and safety standards to ensure your selected foam can offer safety, durability and longevity.

Select your cut to size foam today

Selecting your cut to size foam can be easily done with our services. Start by simply measuring your furniture or required area, following our convenient online measuring guide. From here, input your measurements using our size calculator. You’ll then receive an average calculation to reflect your needs.

If you’d prefer to complete this over the phone, feel free to contact our team. The size and shape of your foam can be noted, along with further requirements to boost safety. Additionally, by providing information of your upholstery project, we will offer appropriate recommendations to fit either a domestic or commercial setting.

Benefit from work with specialists while receiving cut to size foam. All possible through contacting our Belfield foam team.