Cut To Size Foam Mattress

Are you searching for a unique sized mattress? When searching across general retailers, you’ll probably struggle with finding varied sizes, with the majority following a standardised sizing guide; known as single, double, king or super-king.

Here at Belfield Foam, we appreciate how a standardised mattress may be ideal for personal use in a home environment. Yet, when considering smaller spaces, such as a caravan or holiday home, cut to size mattresses will be best. This is where our cut to size foam mattress service comes into play.

If you’re keen to purchase a mattress which fits your size requirements perfectly, get in touch with our team today. We can create a made to measure mattress using our high-quality, durable foam.


Why select your own foam mattress?

There are many benefits of selecting your own cut to size foam mattress, especially over standardised, pre-manufactured mattresses. These benefits are commonly favoured by our commercial customers, aiming for the best possible products in the market. Here’s why a foam mattress works best:

  • Durability

When selecting from our range of foam mattresses, you can opt for the right level of durability for your needs. If you’re renting out your leisure facility, you’ll require a longstanding material. We can cater to this here at Belfield Foam.

  • Size and shape

As touched on above, shopping around for the perfect shaped mattress can be difficult. If your bed is a unique shape or you’re aiming to fit a bed into a smaller area, you’ll require a cut to size mattress. Have the knowledge that this can be achieved through our personalised service.

  • Comfort

Foam mattresses are commonly known for their comfort level. Yet, to offer even more value, you can select the most comforting texture to meet your personal preferences. Generic mattresses may not offer the full support you require when sleeping. Our foam solutions can support you in the right places, offering a better night sleep.

  • Fire retardant

Here at Belfield Foam, we only work with the best materials. Our entire range of cute to size foam exceeds UK safety benchmarks, adhering to flammability standards. Have the knowledge that your mattress is fit for purpose by selecting our foam solution.


Why purchase through Belfield Foam?

Alongside the above benefits, there are many reasons to purchase through Belfield Foam. We are industry leaders. We appreciate the demands of upholstery solutions within both the tourism and leisure industries. With this in mind, we offer high-quality solutions to improve the look and feel of upholstery and soft furnishings.

Within our foam solution service, we also offer cut to size foam for a full range of furniture; helping to improve the visual appeal and structure. Receive this personalised service, along with our 1-year guarantee against manufacturing faults to ensure that your mattress meets your needs.

Get in touch with our expert team today with your requirements. We can offer a cut to size foam mattress, that will provide the stability and durability you require.