Cut to size mattress topper

Are you hoping to find a mattress topper that perfectly fits your mattress? This can in fact be a difficult task when searching through general high street retailers. Here at Belfield Foam, we appreciate how challenging this can be for mattresses which deviate from generic sizes; commonly found in holiday homes or caravans. 

Through this demand, we can offer you a cut to size mattress topper, which offers the ideal level of support required for your needs. Mattress toppers are usually used to increase comfort, while also providing an extra level of support. We can help you find a cut to size mattress topper that meets your comfort and durability needs.

Get in touch with our team today for more information on our foam solutions. Alternatively, you can search through our wide range of foams online, ideal for a mattress topper.


Finding a cut to size mattress topper

Finding the right size mattress topper is a must. Too small and it will fail to cover the entire mattress. Too big and it is likely to fall off or roll down, which is very annoying. Avoid both of these scenarios by selecting our cut to size service here at Belfield Foam.

Opting for a cut to size mattress topper is a sought-after service, especially in the tourism sector. Our customers understand the importance of offering comfortable, clean and supportive sleeping arrangements. By avoiding this, the standards of their offering will slip. However, by investing into a high quality, durable mattress topper, they have nothing to worry about. 

Alongside our commercial customers, we do also provide cut to size foam solutions for personal use. Does your bed differ from the common, rectangle shape? If so, we can design a cut to size mattress topper for you. Is your bed larger than generic sizes? Again, we can cater to your needs through our cut to size services.


The benefits of cut to size foam

The key benefit of cut to size foam is that you can receive the exact shape and size you need. You’ll have reassurance that extra material isn’t required or that waste will not be made.

Alongside the shape of your internal foam, you’ll have the ability to select the comfort level and durability of your mattress topper. Some customers desire a firm texture, offering longevity for continuous use. Other customers aim for a memory foam feel. This can be addressed, designed and manufactured into the ideal, cut to size mattress topper for you.

A further benefit of our cut to size service is that you’ll have knowledge that your mattress topper is made from high quality material and through high standard processes. We continuously monitor the standard of our products, ensuring that they meet our customer’s needs, while withstanding their use. We also work with large retailers and leisure companies, therefore have the ability to maintain quality through bulk orders.

Get in touch with our team today to benefit from a cut to size mattress topper. You’ll soon be experiencing comfortable, high quality sleep through our foam solution service.