Firm Foam Cut To Size

Are you looking for a firm, sturdy structure for your furniture? Maybe you’re looking for greater support from your current mattress? Or maybe your upholstery has become limp after years of use? Our firm foam, cut to size will fulfil your needs, helping to transform your current upholstery.

As time goes by, internal padding will lose its structure. You’ll find that sofas, soft furnishings and mattresses will lose their shape, in turn reduce support and comfort. What better way to keep your current furniture than transforming the internal padding? Here at Belfield Foam, we can achieve this through blocks of firm foam, cut to size, to fit your upholstery like a glove.

Get in touch today to benefit from our foam solutions, sought-after by many large brands and personal projects.


When will firm foam work?

Firm foam cut to size is sought-after in many situations. For personal use, we find that firm foam is selected for mattresses, armchairs and the supportive structure of sofas. This will usually be down to years of wearing, where the support and stability of the foam have broken down. Through our cut to size foam, you’ll be able to improve the structure of your furniture, refining comfort and external appeal.

For commercial clients, furniture is normally heavily used. In this case, firm foam solutions will be required to promote longevity. Here at Belfield Foam, we want to ensure that furniture can withstand consistent use. By selecting our high-quality foam, you’ll ensure that comfort can be experienced by customer and visitors moving forward.


Why purchase from Belfield foam?

If you’re keen to transform your furniture or soft furnishings through a cost-effective yet high-quality route, our foam solutions are invaluable. We are specialists in this field, with years of experience, working to large, personalised briefs.

We understand the demands of our clients, and how important foam solutions are. We can work with you to transform both the internal and external appeal of your upholstery by offering a range of foam solutions. Whether you’re searching for firm foam cut to size, or you’d prefer a softer texture for soft furnishings, we can cater to this. 

Start the process today by sending over your requirements and measurements. To accurately measure your upholstery, follow our online guide. From here, our team will work to design and manufacture your foam blocks, cut to true size and shape. We will then ensure that your foam blocks meet our quality control standards, making sure you’re happy with your final product.

Please be reassured that you’ll receive a 1-year guarantee on all foam blocks, ensuring that quality can be maintained post-purchase. We can also offer the ongoing peace of mind by providing fire resistance foam blocks, adhering to UK health and safety standards. 

Order your firm foam cut to size today by contacting our team. Alternatively, view our foam shapes online to help you gauge the variety of upholstery we work with. Transform your upholstery with ease through our foam solutions.