Foam Blocks

Finding the right foam blocks for a upholster project or revamp can be difficult. Without the inside knowledge of the variety of foam options and padding available, it can become overwhelming and costly.

It’s important to remember that there are a wide range of foam blocks available – all varying in size, shape, texture, support and unique characteristics, such as soundproof foam. With this in mind, whether you’re revamping a piece of furniture, or require foam for a number of commercial projects, speaking to an expert is always recommended.

Here at Belfield foam, we are specialists in the foam industry. We can offer realistic recommendations based off your needs, including your budget and final desired look. Find out more about our foam blocks by contacting our team.

The different features to consider when selecting foam blocks


The texture of foam can vary significantly. When you consider the range of foam cushions available, you can select from a really firm, supportive padding, straight through to a memory foam option. With this in mind, before ordering your foam blocks, it’s important to consider the desired texture you’re hoping for.


Depending on your project, the size and scale of the upholster used will vary the size of the foam blocks you require. Here at Belfield foam, we offer a bespoke cutting service, ensuring that your foam blocks can meet the measurements of the upholstery or casing used. Please be aware that prices will differ depending on the size and number of foam blocks you require.


The shape of foam blocks can also be personalised to meet your needs. Here at Belfield foam, we understand how the shape of pillowcases, furniture or even commercial designed furniture can differ. With this in mind, creating foam to meet your desired shape will ensure usability. Share the desired shape of your foam blocks with our team to achieve the right look.


Again, depending on your needs, foam blocks can vary. For some projects, a lightly textured foam will be required, offering little support. Yet, for the likes of an upholstered headboard, seating solution or dining room chair, foam blocks with great support and firmness will offer durability and safety.


If you’re placing furniture outside of a common domestic property, alternative foam blocks may be required. A variety of foam solutions can be selected, from soundproof and acoustical foam, to highly fire-resistant padding. If you’re requiring foam blocks for a commercial project, please contact our team for our specialised recommendations.

Alongside the design elements of your foam blocks, we highly pride ourselves on our safety standards. Ensuring that all foam solutions meet health and safety standards, we ensure that the right material and format is selected for your needs. Receive our 1-year guarantee offer, along with knowledge that your foam blocks are suitable and protected for your use.

To create your own foam blocks, by altering the size, shape and durability of conventional blocks, get in touch with our team. This is a simple and quick process, helping you receive your foam blocks in an efficient timeframe.