Foam cushions for furniture

Are you hoping to brighten up your furniture? Maybe you’re aiming for a comfier feel and even look? This, unknown to many can be achieved through foam cushions for furniture purposes.

Here at Belfield Foam, we specialise in helping our customers revamp their existing furniture, while also providing some inspiration for some new upholstery projects. Through our foam solutions, we help bring the drabbest upholstery to life, for both their look and feel.

Benefit from foam cushions for furniture through our foam solutions, used by retailers and hospitality facilities across the nation. Get in touch today to find out how you can purchase your own foam cushions.


Why purchase foam cushions for furniture?

You may have spent ages looking for brand-new cushions? Maybe you adore your current colour scheme, yet the internal padding of your cushions is letting you down? Maybe you’re hoping for a cost-effective way to freshen up your furniture? There are so many benefits to selecting foam cushions for furniture, here at Belfield Foam.

  • You can pick the right size and shape cushions

Here at Belfield Foam, we specialise in cut to size foam solutions. As a result of this bespoke service, you can pick foam cushions that match your exact size and shape needs. This is very handy in a world where cushions now come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for accessory cushions or supportive, hardback cushions for your furniture, our foam solutions will be ideal.

  • You can select their comfort and density

Every customer has different needs when it comes to upholstery. Some customers may want foam cushions for furniture to change the external look of their soft furnishings. Others may require greater support from their cushions.

You can pick the comfort and density of your foam cushions through our wide range. This service is highly favoured by commercial clients, looking for longevity through their foam cushions.

  • You’ll be able to revamp your existing covers

If you absolutely love your original interior design, yet sadly know it’s time to part ways with your internal cushion padding, this is a great way to revamp your existing soft furnishings. Recycle your cushion covers while improving their internal quality and comfort.

  • You can transform your furniture cost effectively

Did you know that our foam cushions are cost effective? We promote fair prices here at Belfield Foam, ensuring that furniture can be transformed on a budget. Instead of purchasing brand-new, upcycle your cushions through our foam solutions.

Our cut to size service here at Belfield Foam

Have you struggled to find the exact sized cushions that also meet your comfort needs? This is a common statement by our customers, requiring bespoke, made-to-measure cushions. We can complete this for you through our foam cushions, cut to size.

All we will need is your accurate dimensions and shape, along with your favoured final look/feel and we can do the rest. Change your space in a big way, by making small changes to your soft furnishings, such as foam cushions for furniture.