Foam cut to size and covered

If we told you that you could arrange your own foam, cut to size and covered for personal use, would you believe us? Well now you can through our services here at Belfield foam, for both personal and commercial purposes.

Purchasing conventional foam blocks can be highly inconvenient. If you’re completing a big job, the large quantities will be beneficial. Yet, attempting to cut those foam blocks into true sizes and shapes, perfect for your upholstery can be very difficult. Here’s exactly why our cut to size and covered foam solution is favoured – we can do the hard part for you.

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Why select a cut to size and covered foam?

When updating the internal padding of your upholstery, finding the perfect size and shape can be difficult. In this situation, you may end up with limited foam, offering unsuitable support and comfort. Yet, with too much foam available, waste will be experienced, offering poor value for money.

With this in mind, selecting a foam which is cut to size and covered will be beneficial, helping you simply fill your upholstery. Ensure your furniture is supportive, visually appealing and comfortable through our range of foam solutions.

Select from our range of features

Alongside making use of our cut to size foam service, there are further features you can select from. Common features selected by our customers include:

  • The durability of foam: Foam can be used for a variety of different upholstery. With this in mind, it’s important to have a variety of qualities available. All of our foam solutions offer longevity, yet greater durability is available with a cost.
  • The size and shape of your foam: Through our cut to size and covered service, you can create a true representation of your furniture, all online through our size calculator.
  • The internal features: For some customers, further internal features will be required. To the uneducated eye, all foams will seem the same. Yet, we have a variety of options, offering unique protection. This is a great solution for commercial and leisure customers.
  • The texture of foam: Upholstery foam can come in a number of textures. From memory foam, to highly firm textures, selection always falls down to personal preference. Select yours while using our cut to size service.

Alongside our bespoke features, here at Belfield foam, we will follow your budget when recommending and measuring our foam solutions. Additionally, you’ll receive a 1-year guarantee on all purchases to ensure that the standard of padding meets manufacturing ratings.


To further provide value for money, all of our foam solutions prioritise safety. Our materials pass all flammability standards, ensuring that you’re safe to use within your home or commercial property.


Get in touch today to begin the process of customising your cut to size and covered foam solution. This service is ideal for a range of upholstery items, with a large focus on mattresses, cushions, sofas and chairs.