Now more than ever, comfort and support are required when selecting a mattress. With this in mind, one of the best ways you can improve the quality of your current mattress is through cut to size foam solutions. Here at Belfield foam, we are passionate about offering effective solutions, updating upholstery and furniture. Yet we also advocate for high standards, both from a quality and safety point of view. If you’re looking for a better night sleep, before investing significant money into a new mattress, consider a foam mattress cut to size. Experience a durable alternative that specifically meets your personal needs and budget. Cut to size foam for both personal and commercial use Comfort is a requirement for a good night sleep, whether that’s personally or commercially. Yet with more and more connections linked to the support we receive through our mattress and the quality of sleep we receive, selecting cut to size replacement foam will be valuable. For personal use, following your personal preferences will offer a cost-effective solution, over purchasing a brand-new mattress. For commercial or leisure purposes, it is more than likely that customers will be using your facilities to sleep. With this in mind, boost the quality of your facilities and offering, by opting for a cut to size foam mattress. Features you can select from for a foam mattress, cut to size - Size and shape: Mattresses all differ in size and shape. With this in mind, you can create a bespoke foam block by providing accurate measurements for your mattress. - Comfort and firmness: Depending on your posture and required level of support, you can select the texture of your foam mattress to fit your needs. For some customers, a memory foam texture will be set. For others, a firm supportive mattress will be favoured. Select the correct one for you through our cut to size services. - Experience durability: A mattress is an item which you will require every day, far into the future. To avoid consistent spends, selecting a durable foam mattress will help to save costs. - Internal features: For personal use, customers may go for a conventional foam. Yet, when considering commercial use, greater safety measures may be required. Selecting the right foam for your needs is possible through our bespoke service. Alongside the above customisable features, you’ll receive high-quality foam mattress solutions, all cut to size to meet your needs. Within this offering, you’ll receive a 1-year guarantee to ensure your foam mattress continues to meet manufacturing standards. To further offer peace of mind, all of our foam solutions exceed flammability and health and safety ratings, ensuring that low risk of damage or fire is experienced. Start to create your own bespoke foam mattress by contacting our team. We can offer a durable, supportive and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand-new mattress. Experience a better night sleep for yourself or provide greater comfort for customers by updating your current mattress with cut to size, specialised foam solutions.