Foam Pieces Cut To Size

Are you hoping to transform a range of furniture? Maybe you’re needing to change out the internal padding for your sofa and cushions? Or maybe you’re looking to complete a DIY, home project, upcycling your furniture? In this instance, purchasing foam pieces cut to size will be highly beneficial and useful.

Here at Belfield Foam, we offer high-quality, durable and fire-resistant foam solutions, helping homeowners or business owners, like you, update their upholstery. We appreciate how sometimes customers will aim to avoid new purchases. They may favour the exterior of their furniture. Yet, the interior of their upholstery may be letting them down. This can be worked through with our foam pieces cut to size, ideal to fit a range of upholstery.

For more information on how we can conveniently transform your upholstery, get in touch today. There are many benefits of opting for a cut to size foam solutions.


The benefits of selecting cut to size foam 

Receive these benefits by purchasing foam pieces cut to size…

  • Select the exact size required for your upholstery

Depending on your furniture, the exact size you require will differ. Purchasing standardised blocks of foam will not be recommended, creating a bigger job than needed. Select the exact size you require through foam pieces cut to size, here at Belfield Foam. Ensure you’ll receive the right amount of foam you require to support the structure of your upholstery, providing comfort and stability.

  • Select the exact texture you require for support

The type of textures clients want will again differ depending on personal needs and the selected piece of furniture. From soft furnishings to high-density and firm foams, we can ensure you’re receiving the comfort level you favour.

  • Select the level of durability you require

This is especially important if you’re a commercial customer. If your furniture is consistently used, selecting a durable foam is a must. Without high-quality foam pieces cut to size, you may have to purchase again for the long-term.

  • Receive 1-year guarantee

With every purchase here at Belfield Foam, you will receive a 1-year manufacturing guarantee. Our aim is to ensure that your upholstery can last while withstanding general day to day use. If you do have any issues with your foam solution, please contact our team.

  • Select from a range of features

All foam pieces adhere to UK fire safety regulations. Yet, there are further features available, especially favoured by commercial clients. For example, soundproof foam can be selected for greater functionality in entertainment spaces.

By opting for foam pieces cut to size, you’ll have the ability to personalise your own foam solution. Send over your specifications today and our team will begin to manufacture your foam pieces. Once cut to size, we will complete quality control, ensuring that your end project meets your personal needs.

Get in touch with our team today for more information on foam pieces and how we can help to freshen up the interior and exterior of your upholstery.