Furniture Foam Cut To Size

Have you attempted to give your furniture a facelift? This is now very common in today’s world. Many individuals are attempting to upcycle their furniture, with the aim to cut costs. Not only this, vintage styles are now in. Yet, with the old, the internal padding of furniture can become outdated, uncomfortable and drab.

We can help you transform that drab look and feel into a brand-new piece of furniture with our foam solutions, cut to size.

Send over your measurements today for furniture foam cut to size. For accuracy, we recommend following our measurement guide, available on the above tab.


Select from a range of foam blocks, ideal for your furniture

It is highly likely that your piece of furniture will deviate from our next customers. With this in mind, we ensure that a personalised furniture foam can be achieved. Through our cut to size service, you’ll be left with an accurate block of foam which also follows your personal preferences.

Here are the customisable options you can select from for your furniture foam:



Imagine you’re hoping to upcycle a sofa. It’s likely that you’ll have a number of different areas requiring padding. Here’s where our cut to size service will really benefit you, ensuring that you have accurate foam blocks available. Simply send over your measurements to our team, who will follow our bespoke cutting service. Ensure you have enough foam to fill your furniture, yet not too much that you’ll experience waste.



Are you aiming for a firm finish? This can be achieved by opting for furniture foam blocks. Following your personal preferences, our team will manufacture foam blocks that adhere to your texture guidelines. We will make recommendations, especially for commercial clients, where firm and high-density foam blocks will be encouraged.



What shape is your furniture? In today’s world, we’ve seen soft furnishings and sofas differ in shape. With this in mind, you’ll require foam which matches the exact shape of your furniture. Share your shape guidelines with our team to benefit from furniture foam cut to size.



The level of support required from furniture foam will vary from person to person. For those upcycling an armchair, greater support will be required through a firm, dense texture. For those hoping to transform soft furnishings, limited support may be required. It’s important that your furniture can be used for the long-term.



When designing your furniture foam, consider the environment it will be placed within. For domestic clients, this carries little value. Yet for commercial clients, the option for soundproof foam may be beneficial.

There are many aspects to consider before upcycling your furniture. Yet, through our furniture foam cut to size, you’ll achieve an efficient refresh, offering comfort, visual appeal and durability. Get in touch with our team today for more information on foam blocks and how our specialisms will ensure your furniture will withstand for the future. We understand the demands of the industry. With this in mind, we highly recommend cut to size foam solutions.