High-Density Foam Cut To Size

Are you requiring greater support within your upholstery? Have you noticed that your cushions or sofa back have worn, offering little stability? In this instance, we highly recommend opting for high-density foam cut to size.

Here at Belfield Foam, we specialise in foam solutions, promoting our cut to size service. We understand how upholstery can lose its shape over time. We also appreciate how client demands change through their lifespan. With this in mind, we have a range of cut to size foam solutions available to transform the drabbest furniture.

If you’re aiming for greater support, or require a durable piece of furniture, we highly recommend high-density foam, cut to size.


Why opt for cut to size foam?

Cut to size foam provides reassurance. By purchasing a block of foam, yourself, you may struggle to achieve the look and feel you’re going for when transforming your furniture. Imagine you’re transforming a sofa. You’re hoping to achieve greater stability in the backrest and arms. Where would you start this transformation? What will happen if the foam isn’t distributed evenly across those areas? This is why cut to size foam is ideal, providing reassurance, while meeting your needs.

To begin the process, we ask all customers to send over measurements of their selected upholstery. If you require support with this, please head over to our online measurement guide. Once our team have your exact measurements to hand, we can begin to manufacture your foam blocks, to fit the size and shape you require.


Why select high-density foam?

Foam selections will differ from person to person. Differing foam solutions will also be recommended for a variety of diverse upholstery and soft furnishings. For individuals who are aiming for greater support, high-density foam, cut to size will achieve this. You’ll be provided with a firm texture, where weight can be distributed evenly across the item.

For customers who are requiring durability, high-density foam will also provide this. This is a requirement for many commercial clients, used for seating solutions which are used consistently. High-density foam will offer a longer lifespan, maintaining quality and comfort.