New foam for sofa cushions

Are you searching for the perfect foam to fill your sofa cushions? Opting for new foam will provide your cushions with a refresh, without having to purchase brand-new sofa cushions. This option is definitely worthwhile if you’re under a budget, or favour your current cushion covers.

Simply invest into new foam, with the potential to transform the shape and firmness of your sofa cushions. If this sounds desirable to you, consider our range of foam solutions and sizing services here at Belfield foam.

The benefits of opting for new foam for sofa cushions

There are a number of benefits you can experience by selecting a specialised foam to fill your sofa cushions. Here are a few you can instantly experience through purchasing yours here at Belfield foam:

  • It is a cost-effective solution, helping to maintain the current design of your sofa cushions. Yet, you’ll be able to revamp them, making them as good as new.
  • You can opt for a cut to size foam service for your sofa cushions, ensuring that they are the right size and shape to conveniently fill your current cushions.
  • You’ll have the knowledge that your new foam solution adheres to health and safety standards, minimising risk of fire or damage.
  • New foam for sofa cushions will ensure upholstery can be durable and used practically, depending on your needs.
  • You’ll have the ability to select the texture that works for you, offering the level of durability required depending on usage.
  • We can work around your current budget to ensure your sofa cushions can be finished to a high standard while offering value for money.
  • You’ll receive a 1-year guarantee attached to all foam solutions your purchase through our specialists.
  • Select the right foam characteristics based off your needs and environment. Please remember that differing projects will require alternative foams. For commercial projects, greater safety may be required through soundproof foam.


Experience the benefits of new foam for sofa cushions today

By contacting our team, you can experience the benefits of opting for a new foam solution. Simply start the process by personally measuring your furniture. To ensure this is done accurately, follow our online measuring guide. From here, you’ll have the ability to add your measurements into our online size calculator. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to discuss sizes and shapes, feel free to complete this process with our team.

Once you’ve selected a new foam solution for your sofa cushions, you can expect a quick, but valuable turnaround time. Super-fast delivery is offered, along with our manufacturing guarantee – ensuring you can receive the benefits of your new foam, sooner rather than later.

Experience a bespoke service by selecting your own foam solution for your sofa cushions. With our services, purchasing new foam and revamping your sofa cushions can be done efficiently, yet effectively.

For all of your foam needs, consider our range of solutions here at Belfield foam – helping you transform the usability, safety and standard of your upholstery.