Replacement settee foam

Is your settee becoming uncomfortable? Is the internal padding limp? Is it struggling to offer support? Can you feel the springs in your settee? You probably think it’s time for a new one. Yet, buying a new settee can be costly.

Avoid this extra spend, by opting for replacement settee foam, helping to improve comfort, support and upholstery lifespan. Here at Belfield Foam, we understand how there’s a lot of people out there who want a new settee. We also see those who aim to avoid the unnecessary expense of a new settee.

Through the demand for cost-effective purchases, we offer a replacement settee foam solution. Helping to replace the internal foam of your settee can help you avoid the extra cost, while bringing a new lease of life to your current furniture. 

Contact our team today for more information on how we can transform your existing settee into a brand-new piece.


Who is replacement settee foam ideal for?

Replacement settee foam is available to all. Yet, here at Belfield Foam, we’ve seen a trend in our customers buying motivations. Here’s exactly who replacement settee foam is ideal for…

  • Those looking to upcycle a settee

Are you hoping to upcycle your settee? This is now very common, where the trend of DIY interior design is at its peak. Replacement settee foam will be invaluable to help you update your furniture. Remember, we do have alternative foam blocks for soft furnishings and home upholstery.

  • Those hoping for a cost-effective alternative to buying a new settee

Are you keen to avoid the extra spend of purchasing a new settee? Furniture can be pricey to purchase. Avoid this by updating your current furniture with replacement foam. This is highly cost-effective, along with prolonging the lifespan of your upholstery.

  • Those who are experiencing uncomfortable or unsupportive furniture

Is your settee old? Maybe it’s starting to feel uncomfortable? Maybe you’re noticing its structure is lacking support? This unfortunately does happen over time to upholstery. Yet, you can turn back the clocks through replacement settee foam.

  • Those who love their existing furniture

If you really love the exterior of your existing settee, this foam solution is for you. You can avoid purchasing new by transforming the internal padding of your settee. This will also increase its long-term lifespan through durable foam solutions.

  • Those who run hospitality facilities

Our foam replacement solutions are favoured by commercial customers. If you run a hotel, hospitality facility or even an office, you may have commonly used pieces of furniture. Improve their comfort and look by replacing the internal foam. This again is a cost-effective expense for business purposes.

Benefit from our replacement settee foam solution, whatever the reason. For personal use, to commercial customers, we can cater to your upholstery needs. Select the right size and shape foam blocks to match your settee specifications, along with the right texture and durability for your needs.

From here, we will turn your requirements into reality through our high standard manufacturing processes. Start this process today of a replacement settee foam block through our solutions here at Belfield Foam.