Replacement sofa cushion inserts

Did you know that there is a cost-effective way to give your sofa cushions a new lease of life? Here at Belfield foam, we offer replacement sofa cushion inserts, transforming limp, uncomfortable cushions, into supportive, yet visually appealing accessories.

We understand how small changes to upholstery can transform the way a room or item looks. Through our bespoke foam replacement services, you can find inserts which will perfectly fit the size and shape of your sofa cushions. Whether that’s the larger structure of your sofa, or your upholstery accessories, this is a great way to update your sofa.

From both domestic uses, to commercial properties in the entertainment and leisure industries, we’ve helped a number of customers transform their spaces with ease. We’ve also worked with a number of large retailers, showcasing our high-quality foam solutions. Contact our team today to begin the process of creating your own bespoke replacement sofa cushion inserts.

Customisable cushion inserts

One of the main benefits of our bespoke service is the customisable features you can select for your cushion inserts. Finding cushion inserts to meet your exact sizing and shape needs can be difficult. Yet, through our online size calculator, you can arrange replacement foam to meet the exact structure of your sofa cushion.

Durable sofa cushions

Depending on the use of your sofa cushions, the foam insert will require different durable ratings. For some customers, furniture will be used consistently, requiring a high-quality, durable foam insert. This is also a highly common option for commercial customers. Yet, for others, furnishings may be used now and again, requiring reduced durability. Whichever foam solution you select, longevity is maintained here at Belfield foam.

Aesthetically appealing sofa cushions

Are your sofa cushions currently limp? Maybe the insert has lost its comfort and fullness? In this case, replacement sofa cushion inserts will transform the aesthetic appeal of your sofa cushions. Simply switch out your insert to reuse your current cushion covers.

High-quality cushion inserts

Here at Belfield foam, all of our foam solutions are made with high-quality materials. With this in mind, you’ll have peace of mind that your cushion inserts will be durable, while offering the comfort level and support you select.

Flammability and safety standards

Safety is something we prioritise here at Belfield foam. With this in mind, whether for personal use or a commercial property, you’ll have peace of mind that your cushion inserts exceed flammability and safety standards. We understand that in some properties, greater risk of flammability is likely. We can tackle this by offering alternative foam solutions.

Start to customise your replacement sofa cushion inserts by contacting our team. Select from a range of sizes, textures, durability ratings, shapes, prices and environmental features to find your ideal cushion inserts.

Alongside our fast delivery and great customer service, we further offer a 1-year guarantee to ensure that standards can be maintained to manufacturers ratings.

Transform the way your sofa cushions feel, look, support and protect through bespoke, specialised replacement inserts; available for all budgets through our website here at Belfield foam.