Seat cushion foam replacement

Are your seat cushions starting to become uncomfortable? Are you noticing that your seat cushion is hard, drab or offering little support? Maybe it’s time to consider an upcycle, through a seat cushion foam replacement solution?

At Belfield Foam, we offer that exact solution, by utilising our high-quality foam blocks. Used to transform soft furnishings and upholstery, we can help you add some comfort and a welcoming feel to your outdated or damaged seat cushion.

Make the most of our high-quality foam replacement solution, used by many customers for personal and commercial purposes.


Why is our seat cushion foam replacement solution sought-after? 

At Belfield Foam, our foam replacement solutions are highly sought-after. From refreshing a mattress, to transforming accessories and soft furnishings, our durable foam is known to offer style and substance. Here’s exactly why large retailers and domestic customers select our foam replacement solutions…

  • We are market leaders

Through our understanding of the market, we’ve provided a highly sought-after service. After years of experience and working with global retail brands, we are recognised as market leaders for foam solutions.

If you’re looking for seat cushion foam replacement solutions, have the knowledge that our service always ensures high standards and quality.

  • We offer a cut to size service

When selecting seat cushion foam, size and shape is everything. Both elements offer comfort, durability and support. Through our cut to size service, you’ll be able to control the manufacturing of your seat cushion foam blocks.

  • Our foam replacement solution is cost-effective

Imagine the cost attached to purchasing new seat cushions. You can avoid this through our cost-effective foam replacement solution. Although our results offer high quality and exceed customer expectations, we can provide our replacement service through fair pricing structures.

Benefit from seat cushion foam replacement instead of purchasing brand-new cushions.

  • We work on a wide range of upholstery

Alongside seat cushion foam, we work across a wide range of upholstery. Whether you’re hoping to upcycle your entire sofa or aim to add some luxury cushions for design purposes, we can help.

Have the option to revamp your furniture through our foam replacement solution.

  • We cater to domestic and commercial needs

Upholstery revamps aren’t just for domestic purposes. We work with customers who own a range of holiday homes or caravans, requiring replacement foam solutions. With the aim to offer a good as new service, our foam replacement solution is favoured. We also work with global retailers, providing internal foam padding for their upholstery products.

To truly benefit from our seat cushion foam replacement solution, get in touch today. You’ll have the ability to transform the internal feel and support of your seat cushion, along with its external look and fullness. We appreciate how longevity is also a requirement for most clients. We ensure our foam solutions can withstand their use, manufactured to high standards. 

Experience this level of service whilst transforming your seat cushions with our help. Start today by sharing your specifications, along with your budget and foam solution needs.