Seat foam

Are you searching for padding or foam to revamp a number of seats in your home? As more and more people opt for personalised and DIY designed furnishings and accessories, dining chairs or even an individual seat are being redesigned.

In this instance, selecting an ideal seat foam will provide many benefits. From a secure structure, offering comfort, to supporting the visual design, a high-quality seat foam can be invaluable.

See our range of seat foam solutions here at Belfield foam, along with the different features to look out for when selecting yours. It’s important to remember that customer needs will always vary. With this in mind, make the most of our bespoke foam services, where both size and shape can be selected.

Features to look out for when selecting a seat foam solution

A seat can come in many different formats. Whether that’s a dining chair, an occasional seat, chairs for commercial purposes, or leisure focused use, all will require different seat foam solutions. With this in mind, it’s important to understand the type of foam you will need to achieve the look, feel and budget you’re going for. To find the best one, it’s important to gauge the key features of seat foam solutions.

The size and shape of seat foam

As both the measurements and shapes of seats can vary, it’s important to select the right size for your needs. By selecting a foam which is too small, you’ll lack support. Yet, by selecting a foam which is too big, waste may be experienced, offering limited value for money.

The support of seat foam

Depending on the format of your seat, the available support required will differ. For those hardback dining chairs, great support will be required. Yet, for something a bit more relaxed, where comfort is key, a softer foam may be recommended.

The durability of seat foam

If your seat redesign is for an everyday use chair, great durability will be needed. This is really important to factor in when selecting your seat foam. Some offer great support through a firm texture, usually recommended for those everyday use seats. Yet, for those occasional seats, limited use will usually be experienced; increasing durability naturally.

The safety of seat foam

Here at Belfield foam, we promote health and safety throughout all of our foams. We adhere to flammability standards, ensuring that low risk of harm or damage is probable. Yet, there are different environments to consider when selecting seat foam. For commercial properties, especially in the entertainment or leisure industries, an extra level of safety must be applied. This will ensure all users will be safe while surrounded or using the seat.

If you’d like to discuss your own revamp or project, and how the above features could impact your seat foam selection, feel free to contact our team. We are specialists, offering manufacturing guarantees, ensuring that functionality, durability and safety can be maintained by opting for our foam solutions.

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