Sofa cushion foam

One way to refresh and revamp your home or property is through replacing your sofa cushion foam. Although this is a small detail, seating is a vital necessity for comfort whether that’s in a domestic or commercial area; not to mention the aesthetic appeal furniture and upholstery provides.

Does your sofa cushion look outdated? Maybe your cushion looks limp and uncared for? Or perhaps your sofa is now lacking stability? If yours resembles any of these scenarios, a simple replacement of your sofa cushion foam could be the answer.

Offering a cost-effective solution, replacing internal padding with cut to fit specialised foam will carry many benefits. Here at Belfield foam, we specialise in providing high-quality, high-standard foam solutions to transform upholstery. Find out more about purchasing suitable sofa cushion foam for your furniture by contacting our team.

Order bespoke, cut to fit cushion foam

Here at Belfield foam, we offer a unique service for our customers. As we understand that furniture demands vary significantly, we now provide a bespoke service, offering cut to fit cushion foam.

Order yours today by simply measuring your sofa cushion accurately, while inputting your measurements into our online calculator. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific foam, arrange yours by contacting our team. Conventional foam can work in many cases. However, for better quality and safety, we recommend considering specialised sofa cushion foam.

Features you can select when ordering your sofa cushion foam

To ensure your sofa cushion foam is ideal for your furniture and accessories, we offer a range of features, tailored to your needs. Here are a number of features you can select from here at Belfield foam:

  • Foam size and shape: It is highly likely that your sofa cushion will vary in size from a standardised cushion. With this in mind, it’s important that you can receive cut to fit foam which also follows your accurate shape.
  • Texture and stability: Depending on your usability, the texture and stability of your cushion foam will vary. It’s important to note how often you use your sofa, helping to gauge how vital stability and durability is.
  • Budget: From a conventional to a luxury standard, we have a range of replacement foam for sofa cushions, helping to stick to your personal budget.
  • Atmospheric features: Depending on where your sofa cushion is situated, whether that’s a domestic or commercial property, atmospheric features can be selected. For example, the need for soundproof foam may be required within a sound promoted area.

If you do have a unique upholstery project, feel free to contact our team for our foam recommendations. Having the right sofa cushion foam will offer a cost-effective way of refreshing your furniture, making it as good as new. We also highly recommend following our measuring guide to provide accurate measurements for cut to fit foam blocks.


Order today and receive 1-year guarantee following manufacturing standards, along with our speedy delivery service. Select a specialised replacement foam with the knowledge that your sofa cushion will be durable, comfortable and most importantly safe for its purpose.