Sofa foam replacement

Replacing the internal padding or foam of a sofa is now becoming a sought-after service required by customers. As more and more individuals opt for DIY upholstery projects, whether that’s for personal or commercial use, our services here at Belfield foam offer bespoke results.

If you’re hoping to reuse your current sofa, foam replacement is a great way to improve its comfort and quality. Many individuals in fact love the design of their furniture yet look to purchase new items for their comfort levels. This unnecessary spend can be avoided by simply replacing the internal sofa foam.

Contact our team today to discuss your personal project. We can recommend the most appropriate replacement foam to suit your budget and needs.

Why select a replacement foam for furniture and sofas?

Common benefits of using our specialised foam solutions include:


  • It offers a cost-effective way to avoid purchasing a brand-new sofa. Simply replace the internal foam of your sofa to achieve a refresh.
  • Personalise your sofa foam to ensure that suitability is right for your needs. Factors you can select from include the durability, comfort and cost of your replacement foam.
  • Receive a cut to size foam service, ensuring that enough padding is available to plump up your sofa.
  • Select extra support to ensure your sofa can offer longevity and stability.
  • Have peace of mind that your internal padding meets flammability standards, ensuring that those around are protected from common risks.
  • Select additional features to suit the environment of your sofa. This is usually valuable for commercial customers.
  • Receive a 1-year guarantee post purchase to ensure that manufacturing standards of your replacement foam are maintained.
  • Transform your furniture and upholstery through simply utilising our services. Arrangements can be conveniently made to suit your needs.


Arrange your sofa foam replacement with our team today. Benefit from the above valuable features through our specialised foam solutions. Alongside sofa transformations, we further offer bespoke services for a range of upholstered items, such as cushions, chairs and mattresses.


Cut to size sofa foam

Here at Belfield foam, we promote our cut to size service. We understand how important the size and shape of replacement foam is to comfortably fill your sofa. By ordering too little, stability and comfort will drop; which definitely isn’t wanted when considering a sofa. Yet, by ordering too much, you’ll have excess waste, reducing value for money.

With this in mind, we recommend accurately measuring your sofa or furniture item before purchasing. For the best results, head over to our measurement guide, helping you accurately create the shape you require. Once you have your measurements, either utilise our online size calculator or contact our team to discuss your needs.

Refreshing your sofa couldn’t be easier with our replacement foam solution. Receive cut to fit foam blocks, all reflecting the durability and comfort levels you desire, along with the budget you’d like to spend.

Start your bespoke sofa foam replacement project by contacting our team today.