Soundproof foam

Are you looking for furniture which features soundproof foam? Although this may be a new concept to some, the upholstery of furniture, cushions and accessories can differ depending on their functions and environments. For example, in the case of furniture for an entertainment area, acoustical or soundproof foam will be favoured.

Soundproof foam will usually be selected down to the number of benefits, uncommonly experienced with conventional foam. From its structure, appearance and durability, opting for soundproof foam will offer greater long-term functionality for sound promoted spaces. Although invisible to the human eye, sound can impact the structure, firmness and quality of foam used. With the goal for long-term use, sound promoted areas will benefit from purchasing furniture which features soundproof foam.

Yet, the key benefit of soundproof foam or acoustical options is the health and safety measures attached. In most cases, furniture or upholstery will be exposed to greater risks. With this in mind, sound treated foam will be a safer option than conventional foams – something we continuously advocate for.

Our range of foams here at Belfield Foam

If you’re hoping to benefit from soundproof foam, here at Belfield Foam, we offer a wide range of foams, all with different characteristics. Depending on your needs, we can find the most appropriate foam to cater to your needs – whether that’s the size, appearance, firmness or functionality, such as soundproof foam.

Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge what foam will be best for your project. For some of our customers, foam will be required for domestic use. For other customers, commercial purchasing will be a motive, with a large focus on soundproof foam. If you’re struggling to gauge which type of foam will work best for you, feel free to contact our specialised team.

Alongside providing recommendations, we ensure that the standards of our foams are controlled. Health and safety are prioritised, along with adhering to all quality procedures and customer needs. Our soundproof foam, along with our other conventional shapes and ranges meet flammability standards, making sure that all foams can be used in a number of environments.

Arrange your bespoke size or shape today

To ensure your foam needs can be met, we offer a bespoke service here at Belfield Foam. Simply measure your current space by following our online measuring guide. From here, input your measurements through our product calculator, or select your own bespoke shape. If you’d like to discuss our whole range of foams, feel free to contact our team. We can advise the best option based on your foam needs.

On all orders, whether that’s for soundproof foam or conventional foam, you can expect super-fast delivery timeframes, along with our 1-year guarantee to protect the manufacturing of your foam. We believe that standards should be maintained on all of our products, making your furniture durable, visibly appealing and safe.

If you’re hoping for soundproof foam, consider our bespoke services. Protect and guarantee your commercial or domestic space with UK manufacturers, you can trust.