T shaped foam cut to size

Order T Shaped foam cut to size



Ideal for headboards, arms and sundry padding Standard colour yellow and white


A stockinette is a flexible net wrapping that reduces friction between the foam and the cushion covers, allowing for a much smoother fitting process. This will also prolong the foam's life by acting as a protective barrier.


Dacron serves as an upholstery padding that wraps around cushions to hide imperfections and uneven areas. By adding Dacron, your cushion height will increase by approximately 2cm (1cm on both the top and bottom).

T Shaped sofa foam

If you need T shaped sofa foam to give your sofa it's bounce and life back, we can help. We make cut to size T shaped sofa foam – all we need are your dimensions. Measure your current T shape cushion covers without the filling inside to get an accurate measurement and quote for the sofa foam. Always measure the front and back of your sofa cushions, as measurements can sometimes differ. If you require help and more information on cushion measuring, consult our simple guide.


How should you measure your foam so that you can be sure it will correctly fit your covers?

Consider how much 'give' there will be in your material. You will need to consider whether the foam will be going into a drop-in seat, such as dining chairs. With a dining chair, the pad needs to go onto the seat frame, meaning that the fit needs to be very close. You should consider this when purchasing your foam. The foam should reflect the dimensions of the frame it is being fitted to. If you measure your foam too large, the foam (and chair pad in the case of a dining chair), will not fit into the frame.

In cases such as a cushion, the finished cushion (with wrapped foam) should be suitably sized to the cover it is going into. If the foam is softer and takes up less capacity, more can be used to fill the cushion. For instance, you could order foam that is an extra centimetre in the length, width and depth measurements of your cushion to give a fuller appearance. If you choose a firmer foam that doesn't compress as much, you could still add an extra 1cm to the length, width and depth measurements of the cover to achieve greater fullness, but don't add too much or it will not fit into the cushion! A rule of thumb is to not just order foam that is the exact size of your covers, as this will almost certainly look baggy.

You can always contact us if you require help sizing up foam to fit into your chosen covers. We will be happy to assist

You may find that your foam is a little firm at first – this is perfectly normal and your foam will soften gradually during initial use to give you longer lasting durability. All foam can lose up to 20% of its volume during the first few months of use - this is quite normal and not a fault.

Are you aware the firmness levels in foam decreases in the summertime? This is called Summertime ILD regression and is a natural characteristic of foam and not a fault.

Once foam is exposed to air, it will start to yellow in colour. Again, this is a natural characteristic of foam and not a fault.

Don’t forget, foam used in upholstery and seating will require regular dressing and plumping. This redistributes the filling and ensures the interiors fill the covers to the correct shape.