Upholstery foam cut to size

Are you hoping to change the look, feel or durability of your upholstery? Here at Belfield foam, we offer a cost-effective replacement solution, helping you update your upholstery with ease.

From size, shape, durability and texture, select from a range of customisable features within our upholstery foam solutions. Also benefit from our cut to size service, ensuring that your furniture reaches high standards.

See the benefits of using our upholstery foam cut to size below, along with how to arrange yours.

The main benefits of using cut to size upholstery foam

When purchasing conventional foam blocks, it’s likely that the fit or shape will be incorrect. This can be very inconvenient, requiring greater work. Avoid this by opting for a cut to size upholstery foam.

Simply measure your upholstery following our recommendations, followed by inputting your measurements online through our size calculator. From here, select from a number of features, and you’re good to go.

By purchasing cut to size foam, you’ll follow a cost-effective solution, minimising any waste. Alongside this, you’ll make sure your furniture has enough padding to offer support and comfort.

Make the most of our cut to size upholstery foam by contacting our specialised team. We can provide true recommendations based on your requirements, along with whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes.


Key features you can select from

When ordering your upholstery foam cut to size, you can customise a number of features to offer convenience. Features include:


  • The size and shape of upholstery foam: Through our cut to size service, you can receive foam blocks which accurately match your measurements. Fill your furniture with replacement foam, ideal for the shape and size of your upholstery.
  • The texture of foam: Every customer has different needs, along with varying comfort preferences. With this in mind, you can select alternative textures. It’s also important to remember that textures will need to vary depending on the furniture you’re changing.
  • The durability of upholstery foam: Conventional foam offers durability, yet if you’re hoping for longevity, a higher quality, luxury foam can be selected.
  • The price: We can follow your budget, ensuring that you’re receiving cut to size upholstery foam which fits your price range.
  • Alternative features: Depending on your project, alternative features may be required. This is a commonly used service by commercial customers, usually opting for soundproof or flammability rated foam.


Alongside selecting from the above features, you will have peace of mind that your upholstery foam is safe. We exceed flammability standards with all of our upholstery foam, ensuring that safety is prioritised. You can also ensure your upholstery foam cut to size is right for you through our 1-year guarantee.

Here at Belfield foam, we are specialists in the industry. We understand how important cost-effective solutions are when looking to transform your internal upholstery padding. Benefit from our cut to size services by contacting our team today. Create your own bespoke upholstery foam, helping transform your furniture with value for money in mind.